1.0 The organisation shall be known as the “Boscastle Chamber of Trade and Commerce” henceforth referred to as the “BCTC” in this document refers to the postal area of PL35 and its environs.

The structure of the BCTC shall be as follows:

Elected annually and Executive committee members

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  •  Membership Secretary

1.2 The Chairman shall have the right to re-assign the positions of the officers of the Executive Committee but these re-assigned positions must be confirmed by the membership at their next full meeting.

1.3 The membership of the Executive Committee can be up to 10 members. Six of which can be co-opted.

1.4 The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be two thirds.


2.1 To promote Trade and Commerce in the village of Boscastle and the surrounding area of PL35 and its environs.

2.2 To represent and serve the interests of members of the BCTC.

2.3 To help businesses provide quality services to the community of and visitors to Boscastle.

2.4 To liaise with statutory and non statutory interests to help ensure the future prosperity of the village of Boscastle and viability of its businesses.

2.5 To speak as the voice of the business community in Boscastle and ensure that the BCTC’s views are taken account of.

2.6 The BCTC shall be non-sectarian, non-political and shall practice equal opportunities in all its actions.


3.1 The BCTC shall have the power to raise funds and to embark on any other lawful activities as may be necessary to fulfil its objectives as agreed by the membership.

3.2 The BCTC shall have the power to form ad hoc committees, involving people co-opted from outside the BCTC, to deal with specific activities provided that a person nominated by the BCTC shall Chair the sub-committee

3.3 The Executive Committee of the BCTC will deal with administration of the BCTC’s business. The Executive will have the power to deal with all matters of the BCTC in between BCTC meetings. The Chairman can call meetings of the Executive Committee at any time. Up to four additional members of the Executive can be co-opted as agreed by the Executive Committee.


4.1 Membership shall be open to all businesses and the surrounding district within the PL35 post code area by virtue of location or connection.

4.2 Associate Member – The manager/principle employee of any business or organisation within the PL35 post code where their employer is based outside the PL3S post code area shall have the right of associate membership.

4.3 An Associate Member will have to pay the full membership fee and have full voting rights. They are able to be co-opted onto the executive committee.

4.4 All invitations/nominations for new members shall be passed to the Membership Secretary prior to a General Meeting.

4.5 All membership applications shall be approved at the next General Meeting by a majority of the Membership providing a quorum is present. Invitations can be extended to prospective members to attend two BCTC meetings prior to joining and paying their fees. They will be permitted to speak at these meetings by invitation only.

4.6 Each membership entitles two individuals from that business to attend general and Annual General Meetings however only one vote per membership is able to be recorded.

4.7 All members are entitled to bring guests to a meeting but in the case of a vote, guests of members are not entitled to vote

4.8 Membership fees for the coming year shall be fixed at each Annual General Meeting, on recommendations to be made by the Executive.

4.9 Late payment of fees: Two months after the AGM non-payers will be reminded, in writing, that their fees are overdue. If their fees are still not paid after a further month then The Executive will decide on the appropriate action to be taken.

4.10 Any Member acting in an inappropriate or unbecoming manner, or bringing the BCTC into disrepute in any way shall be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Executive Officers.

4.11 Data Protection: Every new member will be invited to sign the BCTC’s Data Protection form.

4.12.1 Life Members: The BCTC has the right to elect life Members of the BCTC. Such life Members shall pay no subscriptions for membership, they are eligible to vote and take part in discussions; but shall not stand for Executive Office.

4.12.2 Observers: The chair of the Parish Council or a person nominated by the chair of the Parish Council shall be invited to attend meetings of the BCTC. This person may take a full part in the meeting but is not entitled to take part in any vote.


5.1 The BCTC shall meet on a regular basis as notified. The Executive Committee will decide as to whether the meetings take place in the months of July and August of each year.

5.2 A Quorum at the BCTC meetings shall consist of 8 members of which 2 must be from the Executive committee of the membership.

5.3 In the absence of the Chairman from any of the BCTC meetings the Members present, providing there is a quorum, shall elect a Chairman for that meeting. If there is no Chairman, the meeting becomes non quorate.

5.4 Agendas for the BCTC meetings will be set by the Chairman and distributed to the BCTC Members 7 days prior to the meeting. Members of the BCTC can request for items to be considered by the BCTC as an agenda Item by submitting in writing to the Secretary, 14 days prior to the BCTC meeting, their request. Such a request must be signed by at least four members of the BCTC.

5.5 The Chairman may, in consultation with the Secretary, accept or decline motions raised from the floor at a meeting.

5.6 In the event of a tied vote on any Item, then the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote. Members, who have any personal or financial interest in any subject raised in the BCTC meeting, must declare that interest. They will not be entitled to vote on the subject and may be requested to leave the meeting whilst that item is discussed.


6.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February of each year. Written notice shall be sent to all Members with an agenda and relevant reports, not less than 14 days in advance of the meeting. 8 members of which 2 are from the Executive committee of the membership shall constitute a quorum.

6.2 Business of the Annual General Meeting:

1. To consider an Annual Report

2. To adopt the Inspected accounts

3. To appoint an accountant for the following year to carry out the annual inspection

4. To agree the subscriptions for the following year.

5. To consider and vote on any proposals properly raised of which not less than 14 days notice has been given in writing to the     Secretary and signed by at least four Members of the BCTC

6. To elect Officers for the forthcoming year as specified in 1.1

6.3 During the AGM all motions put to the AGM. In accordance with para. 6.1 above, of the BCTC must be both properly proposed and seconded alter any consideration and discussion has taken place. Any resolution adopted by vote shall be binding on all BCTC members whether present or not.

6.4 In the event of a tied vote on any motion, then the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote. The Chairman may, in consultation with the Secretary, accept or decline motions raised from the floor at a meeting.

6.5 Members who have any personal or financial interest in any subject raised in the BCTC AGM meeting must declare that interest. They will not be entitled to vote on the subject and may be requested to leave the meeting whilst that item is discussed.


7.1 An extraordinary General Meeting may be called outside the AGM by the Executive Committee to consider and vote on any matter of concern raised by a Member and which has been signed by at least 6 other Members. Every Member must be notified at least 7 days prior to the EGM, and be given full details of the proposal.

7.2 Matters requiring the holding of an EGM will usually relate to the constitution or administration of the BCTC.


8.1 The BCTC shall have a bank account in its own name and the 4 officers shall be signatories. The signatories must not be related nor members of the same household.

8.2 Any signatory may make an authorised payment up to the value of £500 on behalf of the organisation. Any payments above £500 will need to be authorised by at least 3 signatories and documented by written signature on the payment invoice before being transacted by a signatory.

8.3 The Financial Year of the BCTC shall start on 1st January and end on 31st December.

8.4 BCTC subs are due on 1st March.

8.5 The use of the BCTC subscription fees are primarily for the benefit of the Members and promotion and administration of the BCTC; any exception to this to be voted on by the membership.


BCTC Officers (in accordance with 1.1 of the Constitution) shall be democratically elected at the AGM (having been nominated in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM), and will remain in office for one calendar year from that date. No member shall hold more than one post at any one time.

9.1 The Officers and their duties shall be:

Chairman: will coordinate the routine business of the BCTC. Chair all Executive and General BCTC meetings. Lead the BCTC in all negotiations and deputation’s, reporting back to the General BCTC. The Chairman is empowered to make statements to the press from the General BCTC, at his discretion.

The Secretary: shall take and prepare the minutes of all meetings and distribute to all members. Keep a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, and make available as required. On behalf of the BCTC, call all meetings and communicate officially with other bodies; make all necessary arrangements for convening meetings, including booking venues receive agenda items and proposal for officer nominations.

Treasurer: ensure the proper handling of the BCTC’s finances by keeping proper books. Pay all bills. Monitor expenditure and keep the BCTC regularly briefed on the overall financial position. Open and maintain a bank account in the BCTC name, signing cheques together with other designated officers; prepare annual accounts, and arrange examination for presentation at the AGM.

Membership Secretary: keep a register of members of the BCTC; being the nominee of each member organisation, the address of the nominee, date of admission into membership. To encourage new members ensuring that they are properly checked and vetted as eligible applicants. To ensure data protection for records.

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