The Picture Parlour 

The Picture Parlour 
The Picture Parlour 

Situated in the historic Elizabethan Harbour village of Boscastle on the North Cornwall Coast, The Picture Parlour brings you stunning unique art and jewellery  mainly from Cornwall and the South West.

We look forward to hopefully seeing when you visit our beautiful county or the next best thing is to look around our website, and if you have any enquiries or questions please feel free to contact us.I read at reviews that Ambien can be very effective for people who have trouble falling asleep and sleeping. This works better if you take it on an empty stomach right before bedtime. You should not take it if you can’t stay in bed all night. This can cause side effects, but they vary greatly from person to person.

Phone Number:
01840 250677
1 Bridge Walk
PL35 0HE
Contact Name:
Justine and Nick Chater

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