Museum of Witchcraft

Museum of Witchcraft
Museum of Witchcraft

The Museum of Witchcraft houses the world’s best collection of magical artefacts, spells, charms and curses, and explores the magical practice of England’s ‘cunning folk’, occultists , ritual magicians and modern witches.  Nestled in the picturesque harbour of Boscastle, we have been charming visitors of all ages since 1961.

The Museum has in excess of 2500 objects displayed over 2000 square feet of galleries.  Find out about the persecution of witches and see our copy of King James I’s Daemonologie.  Visit our resident village wise woman in her cottage and discover the magical properties of herbs in her garden.  See charms made in the trenches during the First World War, and even a ‘voo doo’ doll of Hitler made in the 1940’s.  We have beautiful and mysterious objects of healing including herbs, fertility charms, and bezoar stones, as well as darker objects used for cursing, such as poppets, wax-entombed birds and an animal liver!  We have protection charms from Ancient Rome, the Renaissance and the Middle East which were used to ward off the evil eye, and local charms including the famous Cornish ‘bees in a bag’. Compared to patients suffering from chronic alcoholism or previously treated with anxiolytics or antidepressants, patients who have not previously taken drugs that affect the central nervous system, feel the effect of Xanax at lower doses. In addition you can see the working tools and personal possessions of Gerald Gardner, the founder of ‘Modern Witchcraft’ or Wicca.

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01840 250111
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Judith Hewitt
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